Energy and the Soul


The soul has a specific level of energy at any given time. This energy level might be positive or it might be negative. It affects the way a person thinks and acts. It defines the manifestation of the soul. If the energy level, or energy vector, is positive, the soul’s time and talent is applied toward creative tasks and thoughts. If the energy vector is negative, the soul applies itself toward destructive endeavors.
People associate certain characteristics of how you hold yourself and how you move to what you represent to them. Therefore; people assess you before they meet you based on how they assess your energy level, what it means to them and how you present your image to them. Body vectors also help to define a person’s boundaries, or the recognition of familiarity with, or acceptance of, others. Personal boundaries play a large part in what people think of a person, how they react to them and what opportunities, be they positive or negative, open up for them.