Mental Hygiene-Health of the Schema


To maintain a healthy schema, a person must continually challenge his or her schema with new experiences to process. The schema is shaped by experience, attitude and energy. Experience is the data input; attitude is the vector, negative or positive, of the energy that the schema uses to help translate the data from the environment, or experience; and energy is the amount of vigor that the schema uses to help translate the experience. The schema must be continually challenged to hone its efficacy and accuracy of interpreting the environments that a given person finds him or herself in.
It is important for the health of the schema to experience new things so that the mind has new situations to process and to define for cultivating his or her schema. This keeps the mind, and in turn, the mental health, properly centered so that it does not exaggerate fantasy over reality by failing to be corrected or justified by experiences. It also enriches a person’s soul.
Let me note here that if a person’s mental health is not letting him or her filter out too many distractions from his or her environment and his or her soul is challenged within his or her mind with too many thoughts at once to process so that he or she can’t process data productively, he or she might find it soothing to be alone and void of sounds and sights to process. This will allow him or her think quietly through his or her thoughts.